Need a Document Notarized? Access a Convenient On-Site Notary Public Monday-Saturday

Finding a notary public in Stayton, Oregon whenever you need one can be difficult. Until now. Our on-site notary professionals Postal Connections 146 will handle your urgent documents quickly, accurately and according to legal requirements making the document good anywhere.

Postal Connections Stayton has a notary on staff at all times. Notary services at this location are available between 10:00am – 4:00pm Monday – Friday and 10:00am – 1:00pm on Saturdays. Circumstances requiring a notary to be done outside of business hours or at another location may be accommodated.  Please call to see if arrangements can be made for your particular circumstances.  Additional fees apply for notaries performed  at locations outside of our normal business location or hours.

The cost of Notary Public services at Postal Connections is $10 for each signature notarized.  This fee may also be charged for additional witness signatures required by the document.  

Due to current Oregon government regulations, anyone involved in the notary act must be wearing a face covering/mask.

Photo ID is required for all persons signing the document(s) including any witnesses.

Postal Connections can not provided individuals to be witnesses to your document(s). If witnesses are required, you will need to provided them.  Witnesses may not be related to the signer or benefit from the any provision of the document.

Due to limited space inside our locations and current government guidelines, only those who are required to sign the document at a particular point in time will be allowed to remain in our location.  Additional signers may be asked to wait outside until their presence is required.  

We strongly discourage the presence of children during the notary process.  The presence of children can be distracting to both the signers and our staff.  It also limits the number of adults that can be in the store for other business purposes.

We strongly encourage you to bring your own pen(s).

Please remember to bring all forms with you and have them completed, with the exception of the signature(s).  We do not carry legal forms at our location at this time and can not assist in the completion of any documents except the act of notarization.

Please do not ask us to provide you with legal advice.  We are unable to give any advice by Oregon law. 

Is Postal Connections be able to notarize a will? 

No. Postal Connections staff members will not notarize a will*.  In Oregon, wills are not required to be notarized, merely witnessed. 

*However, witnesses often are required to sign a “self-proving affidavit” that should be notarized and we will gladly notarize that document.  

“It is advisable that wills only be notarized under the direction of an attorney. Wills are perhaps the most contested documents notaries public can become involved with, and even when they are done correctly, a notarization may be called into question.  When an estate goes into probate, a will can be invalidated if the notarization is incorrect, and the notary public could be held liable for damages by the benefactors.”  Oregon Secretary of State – Corporation Division