Fax Services

Fax Services in Stayton, Oregon.

Have a fax machine at home? Who does?

Postal Connections 146 provides a speedy and efficient fax service to businesses and residents of Stayton, Oregon. It’s part of our office suite of services that include packing, document printing, shipping, mailbox rentals and office supplies. We use the latest, high-speed, quality fax machines and our own phone line to ensure your faxes arrive when needed.

Available Fax Services:

  • Domestic long distance fax
  • Incoming and outgoing international fax
  • Incoming and outgoing
  • Local fax Incoming and outgoing

Give our fax number (503) 769-1219 to your business associates, family and friends. Put it on your website and business cards. Ask anyone faxing you to include your name, local contact number or email on the cover sheet so that we know it’s for you!