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What Postal Connections Knows about Damaged Packages

fragile-packagingWe learned some interesting statistics about packages damaged in shipping. For example, UPS handles and ships an average of 15.6 million packages and documents daily. And around the holidays, it is closer to 20 million. Even with a .001 percent damage rate, a rate that may be acceptable in the industry, that’s more than 15,000 damaged packages daily. And that’s just from UPS!
Add in FedEx and the Post Office and the potential exists for a lot of items to be damaged while being shipped even operating at a miniscule .001 damage rate. The primary cause of damage is improperly packed items. This means that incorrect materials such as used cartons and newspaper may have been used as packing material.

Proper Packaging is Key!

Improper packaging is one of the top reasons insurance claims are denied on damaged packages. For example, you think you packed the box correctly, stuffing tons of bubble wrap in there and taping it so not even a sliver of air could get in. But while the box sat on the floor a fork lift dropped a 200-pound piece of machinery on it.
poor-packagingYou submit a claim and guess what? It could get denied solely because the tape you used was not wide enough! Save some anxiety and let Postal Connections expertly pack your items. The packaging will properly cushion whatever item you are sending and the shipping box will be perfect. And if your package does get damaged in shipment your claim will not be denied for improper packaging!

Postal Connections is your one stop shop for all your business needs!

At Postal Connections we specialize in a full array of business services including packing and shipping, copies, creative design and print, fingerprinting and passport photos, ink stamps, send and receive fax, mailbox rental and more.
Postal Connections stores are independently owned and operated. Many are family owned with active ties to the community as well as having membership with local Chamber of Commerce.
Note, not all services are offered by all stores. Please call your local store for available services.

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A Typical PCA Store

At Postal Connections, our specialty is packing and shipping to anywhere in the world, printing and copying and providing services for small businesses or anyone else that is always on the go with little time to spare. We are here to make your life easier.

Packing and Shipping

Expert packaging and shipping alternatives for all types of items is how we started. You can be assured that your items will be securely packed and will arrive safely to their destination. That includes gifts for Christmas, birthday and any other special gifts you need to send to loved ones throughout the year.

Color Copies and Printing

freight-shippingWe offer state-of-the-art copiers for customer use to ensure clean, crisp b/w or color copies. We can also do the copying for you and can offer assistance on how to make your message really stand out.
If you need professional Print and Design services we can help you with that too! We offer professional one on one design service with easy ordering and fast turnaround on most print items including flyers, menus, brochures, yard signs, business cards, EDDM cards and many other items.

Postal Connections is here for all your business needs! Other services may include:

  • Packing and Shipping Services
  • Mail Box Services
  • Mail Forwarding
  • Certified Mail/Return Receipt
  • Overnight Document & Package Delivery
  • FedEx
  • USPS, Priority Mail
  • Packing and Moving Services
  • Packing and Moving Boxes
  • Gift Boxes
  • Computer Rental
  • Internet Access
  • Resume Services
  • Notary
  • Digital Printing
  • Secure Shredding
  • Keys
  • Secretarial/ Administrative Services
  • Boxes of all Sizes
  • Digital Imaging
  • Copy and Print Services
  • Full Service Black & White Copies
  • Self Service Black & White Copies
  • Color Printing and Copies
  • Printing Services: Business Cards
  • Brochures, Posters, Flyers
  • Envelopes and Letterhead
  • Binding
  • Laminating
  • Collating
  • Full Range of Finishing Services
  • Padding
  • Presentation Materials and Supplies
  • Commercial Accounts Available
  • Fax Services, Send and Receive
  • Business Forms
  • Desktop Publishing
  • Custom Rubber Stamps

Note, not all services are offered by all stores. Please call ahead to make sure.

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A local drive for overseas care packages

overseasMay is more than a month for celebrating moms and observing Memorial Day.

To underscore this, franchise owners of the Silverton and Stayton Postal Connections, Don and Sue Harteloo, have put together an annual drive similar to others they’ve conducted in the past intending to show some appreciation to overseas military personnel.

According to Military.com, May is National Military Appreciation Month as designated by the U.S. Congress in 1999.

The National Military Appreciation Month websitenotes that this month includes related designations of May 1 as Loyalty
Day, May 8 as VE Day, May 12 as Military Spouse Appreciation Day, May 20 as Armed Forces Day and, finally Memorial Day on May 29.

In a press release issued earlier this month the Harteloos announced “in honor of May being nationally recognized as Military Appreciation Month, Stayton and Silverton’s Postal Connections stores are hosting its second-annual month-long, community-wide donation drive to gather much-needed items for military members serving overseas.”

The business owners conducted a similar drive a year ago, and in February they encouraged community members to send cards and notes overseas as sort of a Valentines Day themed show of appreciation.

Gathering for a care package to Kuwait

Throughout the balance of this month, the local Postal Connections are accepting donations from area residents, businesses and community members to compile “care packages” to be sent to military bases or local military personnel serving abroad.

A provided list of recommended ideas is as follows:

  • Healthy snacks (jerky, trail mixes, granola bars and fruit snacks)
  • Drink mix packets (Gatorade, lemonade, iced tea and Crystal Light
  • Microwavable food (Easy Mac, popcorn, Cup O’Noodles, Chef Boyardee
    and oatmeal)
  • Non-perishable food (tuna cans/packets, fruit cups, peanut butter, Nutella, soups and other canned foods)
  • Toiletries (travel-size shampoo, conditioner, body lotion, body wash, wet
    wipes and hand sanitizer)

(Military personnel) work diligently to protect our country, day in and day out, and sometimes without the everyday essentials that they’re used to,” said Postal Connections COO Fred Morache. “In honor of Military Appreciation Month, we wanted to recognize our military members by surprising them with those comforts from home donated by people who appreciate the work they do…

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Military Moments

militarymomentsAt Postal Connections, we recognize the service and sacrifice of the men and women serving in the United States military.
In honor of May being Military Appreciation Month, we are excited to announce our Military Moments campaign designed to give back to those who work diligently to protect our country.
From Monday, May 1 through Wednesday, May 31, Our Postal Connections store will be accepting donations of goods from local residents and businesses. These donations will be sent to veterans and active duty military personnel serving here and overseas. Suggested items for donation include:
• Healthy snacks
• Drink mix packets
• Microwavable food
• Non-perishable food items
• Toiletries
In addition to local community donation drives, Postal Connections has also launched a nationwide social media sweepstakes with a chance to win a $100 Visa Gift Card! The winner will be selected from all national entries received as of May 31, 2017. To enter customers are asked to share a photo of a friend or family member in the military along with a note of appreciation for that person using hashtag #MilitaryMoments. Please visit our this link for more information and official sweepstakes rules.

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Postal Connections Ships Everything!

Electronics and Computer Shipping

electronic-shippingPostal Connections specializes in shipping fragile electronics. Right now, this might come in handy with your college student returning home. Shipping the electronics used on campus might be the best way to make sure they arrive home safely!
Satellite dish controllers, laptops, smart phones, blue-ray players, cable boxes, tablets, audio systems, medical instruments, TVs, etc. These and other electronics will need extra-special shipping and handling.
Your Postal Connections staff is expertly trained in all aspects of packaging, especially electronics. We dip into our wide variety of box sizes, bubble wrap, packing peanuts, tape and similar materials that allow us to pack and ship your electronics so they arrive at the destination intact.
For packing and shipping electronics, visit the experts at Postal Connections.

Antique Shipping

antique-shippingTrust your next antique shipment to the pros!
Your great grandmother’s sewing table, a 200-year-old grandfather clock, an original Gutenberg bible, a rare vase, whatever, can be expertly packed and shipped by your local Postal Connections. If you don’t know the tricks behind antique shipping, it can be a disaster.
The knowledgeable staff at your Postal Connections store are experts in all aspects of packing your antiques because we specialize in packing and shipping these precious and valuable items. It’s a tricky business, often calling for creative thinking and packing as well as selecting the right shipper for the items. We stock many box sizes, bubble wrap, packing peanuts, tape and other materials so that your antique can withstand any abuse while in-route to its destination.
If we pack it for you, you can rest assured it will arrive safe and sound.
Note: Not all Postal Connections Stores offer all services. Please call ahead and we will do everything possible to accommodate your needs or provide convenient options.

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Postal Connections Ships Freight!

freight-shippingPostal Connections of America Freight Service
We have always shipped anywhere and now Postal Connections can ship ANYTHING, Anywhere and Everywhere!
Postal Connections stores now offer…

Freight Shipping Services for Consumers and Businesses!

A thoroughbred? We Ship. Boxes of toys? Same. A Piano? Ditto. Your dog Boots, cat Sheba and rabbit, Magic? We’ll transport them. Dad’s favorite recliner? We ship that, too…

How do we move your load?

You ask for a quote on your less than truckload (LTL), full truckload (FTL) or don’t know the load (DNL) freight, no matter what the goods are. We scour our shippers for the most economical shipping available at the time. We match your load to the perfect shipper. You receive a quick quote. We ship!

Freight shipping benefits

Sea container, truck, air, and rail are used to move this type of freight. Whether a full or less than full load regulations, guidelines, requirements and expense for freight transport differ from those used for mailing small or medium sized packages.
That’s where your Postal Connections store representative takes over. We use our industry knowledge, extensive network of contacts and regulation savvy to navigate through the freight maze to engineer a reliable, cost-efficient and safe transport of your goods.

Call us for a quote today!

Bring us your household stuff, cars and boats, office / house moves, livestock / pets, construction and farm machinery, heirlooms, art and anything else we will get it there.
If you have a question about an item, remember, most likely We Ship That, Too!
Note: Not all Postal Connections Stores offer all services. Please call ahead and we will do everything possible to accommodate your needs or provide convenient options

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Postal Connections is more than a Pack and Ship Store!

Your local Postal Connections store offers many services for all your business needs including packing, shipping, mailbox rentals, document printing, office supplies and shipping supplies, notary, fax and more! Here are just a few:


Fax Service

Fax_ServicesCustomers can send or receive documents domestically and internationally with 100% security and confidentiality. Available Fax Services:

  • Domestic long distance fax
  • Incoming and outgoing international fax
  • Incoming and outgoing domestic
  • Satellite fax number sending
  • Local fax Incoming and outgoing

Give our fax number to your business associates, family and friends. Put it on your website and business cards. Ask anyone faxing you to include your name, local contact number or email on the cover sheet. We’ll notify you the minute a fax comes in for you!


Office Supplies

Office_SuppliesKeep your office well stocked and organized. Your Postal Connections store features a convenient, dependable service for a variety of routine and one-off business services like packing, shipping and printing.
Did you know that as a full-service business service center, we also stock essential office supplies including staples, printing paper, paper clips, writing pads, pens, markers and other items that might otherwise mean an extra trip to the big office box store.
Area business owners, home based businesses, freelancers and residents consider us a one stop-business resource. Postal Connections makes your life easier.


Greeting Cards

Greeting_CardsBirthdays, Mother’s Day, Graduation, Wedding, Sympathy, Hanukah, Christmas, Valentine’s Day cards and many more special days can be marked by one of our greeting cards.


Come to Postal Connections of America for those funny, edgy and quirky cards…cards not stocked at the local grocery store or pharmacy. Make your friends and family feel extra-special because they know the extra effort needed to obtain these unique cards


Note: Not all Postal Connections Stores offer all services. Please call ahead and we will do everything possible to accommodate your needs or provide convenient options.

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Postal Connections Computer Rentals, Notary Service and Stamps

Computer Rentals

Did your computer suddenly stop running? Need to get on the internet fast? When you absolutely need to get on the internet using a high speed, secure service your Postal Connections store offers quick computer rental and internet access services. Browse the web, create documents and check out what is stored on your cloud.

Use our high-speed computer and internet connection to:

  • Access Internet news
  • Shop online
  • Check social media
  • Access emails

Notary Public

Finding a notary public whenever you need one can be difficult. Postal Connection’s on-site notary professionals (call for availability) will handle your urgent documents quickly, accurately and according to legal requirements, making the document good anywhere.

Contact your store when you need a notary service for:

  • Contracts
  • Legal Documents
  • School Permission Slips
  • Medical Release Forms
  • Car Title Transfers
  • Child ID Kits

Postage Stamps

Everyone still needs regular postage stamps and giving them as a gift usually comes as a delightful surprise to the recipient!

stampsHave you ever visited your local post office to buy a book of stamps? The lines can be long and take a while to navigate through to get to the desk. Who needs that?

Buy stamps at your local Postal Connections Store. Not only will we save you time, we will be glad to see you and show you all we have to offer!

If you need a special picture stamp, a commemorative stamp or a large quantity of postage, give us a call or send a message and we may be able to special order the stamps you need.

Note: Not all Postal Connections Stores offer all services. Please call ahead and we will do everything possible to accommodate your needs or provide convenient options.

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Postal Connections of America Shippers


UPS shippingPostal Connections offers UPS services including:

  • UPS Next Day Air®
  • UPS 2-Day Air®
  • UPS 3-Day Select®
  • UPS Ground®UPS Canada®
  • UPS Worldwide Express®
  • UPS Worldwide Saver®
  • UPS Puerto Rico®

We are experts on all UPS options and services. UPS picks up from our stores daily, so you can be sure your shipments receive the fast and dependable service the UPS brand is noted for.



FedEx shippingPostal Connections provides superior access to FedEx Ground®, FedEx Express® and FedEx International services and products including:

  • FedEx Priority Overnight®
  • FedEx Standard Overnight®
  • FedEx Express Saver®
  • FedEx 2 Day®
  • FedEx Ground®
  • FedEx Ground-Home Delivery®
  • FedEx Priority International®
  • FedEx Priority Canada®
  • FedEx Ground Canada®
  • FedEx Priority Puerto Rico®
  • FedEx Economy Puerto Rico®



DHL shippingDHL Express focuses on international shipping. As a DHL Authorized Shipping Center, we are officially recognized by DHL Express as the international shipping experts. Our staff knows the rules, regulations, restrictions, customs, documentation and delivery options to all countries served by DHL Express.

As a DHL Authorized Shipping Center, Postal Connections offers easy and convenient access to the world’s largest international shipping network at very competitive rates including:

  • International packaging standards and materials
  • International shipping documents like airway bills, commercial and pro forma invoices, customs docs and proof of value
  • International declared value protection
  • International package insurance
  • Electronic export information

Remember, Postal Connections started as packaging and shipping experts domestically and internationally. We’ll take your delicate, valuable, time-sensitive and sentimental items and pack it with TLC to ensure it arrives in perfect shape. Then, we will select the perfect shipping option for your situation.

Note: Not all Postal Connections Stores offer DHL services. Please call your local store for product and service availability.

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Postal Connections of America Helps with Photos and Finishes

photo printing
Facebook, Instagram, smartphones, texts, tweets, selfies and email can digitally capture and /or display photos to view. But there is nothing like high-quality full color or black and white prints. Postal Connections stores are your local spot for professional photo printing.
Share Your Most Cherished Moments in a Nostalgic Picture Print
We use the best software, equipment and expertise to produce clear, crisp, full-color or black and white photos of your favorite family moments, marketing materials or special business needs.
For fast, convenient, and professionally printed photos, get your photos on any electronic media and come see the experts at Postal Connections for on-demand photo printing:

  • Available in 4×6, 5×7 and 8×10
  • Glossy or Matte Finish
  • Enlargement services
  • Same Day Pickup (Check your local store for availability)
  • Print and Ship options

Document Finishing

You think you might be done when you produce the documents. But, you’re just getting warmed up! Your next step for that professional look is document finishing!
Document finishing services refer to what happens to the documents right after printing. A good finish is important and in fact, can mean the difference between mediocre work and a professional look. If you think about it, you can create the best content but if it is showcased poorly to the reader, it can easily lose all the impact you were hoping for.
Your Postal Connections expert can put those special finishing touches on the documents you’ve worked hard to design and produce content for. Here are some of the services you can request:
Document Finishing Services
document finishing

  • Collating
  • Binding
  • Laminating
  • Stapling
  • Presentation covers
  • Folding / Inserting in envelopes
  • Specialty papers
  • Preparation for shipping
  • Labeling

Postal Connections of America stores enjoys a strong reputation as an exceptional document finishing services center for businesses and residents in their communities.
Note: All stores do not provide all services. Contact the store in your area to inquire about a particular product or service.

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